Lemon Daisy Cake

Well, I have been pestered by my other half to make a lemon drizzle cake for ages now. Then his c0-workers gave me the hint to make one too! I had to give in and make one. (“,)

Not just a boring lemon drizzle cake though, no, spring is on its way, why not celebrate. So I included some lovely daisies. They were made from cutting out royal icing flowers (Hobbycraft luckily had the perfect set of cutters) then sticking a yellow m&m in the middle. As it happened when I was shopping in Morrisons I found a tub of multi-coloured candies for Easter and realised the yellow ones would be perfect for this cake. So voila, two different sized flowers. I think that makes it even better. Word of warning though, when the kitchen gets hot from baking the m&ms don’t like it and have a tendency to split, looking a bit crummy, so chill them before decorating.

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