Angry Birds Christmas Tree

I found the tutorial on how to make these Angry Birds baubles. Christmas may be fast approaching but why not have a go I thought. Inspiration then struck, I could give them to my other half so he can decorate his room!

If you wanted to have a go the link to the tutorial is here


So off I trot to the local shops to find the materials. B&Q was my first stop, it has never disappointed me with Christmas decorations. We have a 3 foot inflatable robin, reindeer with spinning ears and numerous lights from past visits! However in the bauble department although not lacking it was all stylish and expensive. I thought red and green were staple Christmas colours, but know this year it was pink and purple!! So bypassing anything glass or glittery I find what I need. Next stop a tree to put them on. Again B&Q dissapointed me, they were tiny trees at silly prices. So I went to Tesco. I am now the proud owner of the most hideous Christmas tree ever made!

I get on home and pop on a Christmas film to watch in the background and get cracking. Painting them was not a problem, letting them dry was fun. Use a bit of blue-tack to hold them in place. I ended up with a nice piggy pattern all over my table as I chased them!!! The hats were very fiddly, but easy enough to make. I got them made in one afternoon and packed them all up ready to go visit my boyf.

Once there I tell him I have a special surprise for him, out comes the tree and away goes his smile and look of excitement. I was not a happy bunny. In the end it turned out he loved them, but did not want them in his already cluttered bedroom. So I brought them home with me where we have more space. Next year they will go to work with him and have pride and place in his office!!


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