Mums Birthday

It took two years in the making but I finally gave my mum a cross stitch picture for her birthday. I thought I would stick with the homemade theme and made her a cake to go with her prezzie.

Yep, two years, you see I still live with my mum and she has an annoying habit of coming into my room unannounced, so I could not do it when she was around just in case.

I am proud of this cross stitch as it is the first really big one I have done. I will admit it went wrong in a few places, but hey they don’t notice so I don’t worry. I did really like the background inside the dreamcatcher, as it is only half a stitch I got that bit done really quick. The hardest part was the red and yellow circular boarder, there was just no logical way to do it so I went all over the place, I found that annoying.

So being a birthday, and the fact she was actually in England for it this year (normally she is still in America) I thought I had to have a bash at making her a birthday cake.

I found inspiration for this cake on Epicute, well Must Have Cute, it has changed. A ginger sponge cake covered in cream cheese frosting with blueberry decorations. Well my mum likes ginger cake and she loves blueberries, it was an obvious choice. I did use frozen blueberries, hence the purple splodges. Im gonna say artistic and meant to be there splodges not, I was getting really tired and wanted to go to bed so couldn’t be arsed to defrost blueberries accidental splodges!!

I can safely say it tasted really nice, my dad can also say the same, my other half can indeed vouch for how nice the cake was. My mum, well she only got the one slice!!! Oops! Guess I will have to make her another one. (“,)

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