Fabric Drawer Box

A fantastic little box, and all it took to make was fabric, card, scissors and glue! No sewing required, with only a day needed to make, my kinda craftyness. (“,)

So pink, so many flutterbies, so CUTE!!!

I made this box during a one day workshop hosted by Wendy Morri from Bristol Idea Craft

It was a great day and was really pleasing to walk away with a finished item. Wendy was a fantastic instructor and after looking back over the printed instructions I took away, I can safely say there was no way I could have made that box by myself without making a horrendous mess! Having someone explain all the little tricks the first time round was great.

I have to say it was hard to get the fabric when I left it so late. 100% cotton needs to be used because of all the glue and lack of sewing. I went to Fabric Land in Broadmead, Bristol. They have a fab selection of materials, but a little light on the cotton. So I found the butterfly fabric and stomped off to Hobbycraft. In all honesty I would go to Pauline’s Patchwork in Waymouth every time if I had the chance!!

The decoration on top is actually an old hairband bobble. It is filled with liquid, glitter and a plastic flower. The elastic went ages ago and I could not bring myself to throw this part away. Happy I found a use for it and in such a cute way.

I am really proud with how neat the box turned out for my first try. It has a few issues, but none that I could not hide! In fact everyone that sees the box falls in love, so I may be busy in the run up to Christmas making a few as prezzies!

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