Joyeux Noel

Hello there, got any prezzies for me then?
This little fella would be called Noel. He was made for my life-long friend Rachael. Unhappy as I was to give him away I knew he went to a good home. This guy is fab in many different ways. First, I managed to fashion his ‘ears’ into antlers, a trick not in the Stray Sock book! Second he is made from christmas socks, socks that included a flashing merry christmas. So Noel actually has a flashing nose when you move him. How fab is that!!!!! He also has some bells around his neck so you can keep an eye on his consumption of mince pies over the season. His tail also happens to be made from foam snowflakes to give that extra winter twist. All in all he was easy to make, if a little fiddly in places. He is also a triumph of what to do with naff christmas socks you can only wear for less than one month a year!!

Where'd all da snow go?

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