Owl Cupcakes

What a hoot it was to make these guys! Although starting to ice them half an hour before Doctor Who starts was a little silly. I persevered, made changes and chucked them together quick enough to watch the last five minutes of Total Wipeout before Doctor Who. Disaster avoided. These guys came from the book Hello Cupcake, by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. Although fairly easy to make, I did have to fill in a lot of holes in the books instructions. I don’t think the American book translated very well to England. Converting all measurements and having to think about English alternatives to American sweets was a pain. But if you can get past those teething problems the result is worth it.

To make them the cheat way, not like the book:


1, Make 12 chocolate cupcakes

2, Make enough chocolate frosting for 12 cupcakes

3, Spread some frosting on a cupcake, then use finger to smudge it from the centre to the outside, making it look all spiky like feathers.

4, Repeat this on all the cupcakes.

5, Take 24 Oreo Cookies, microwave a few at a time for a couple of seconds until soft. Then gently twist them apart. The aim is to get all the cream filling on one side only. You will be using the cream side to make eyes, the plain side can just be eaten!!! Yum/yuck, I can’t decide if I like Oreo’s or not!!

6, Place two cream cookies on a cupcake and make pupils with brown M&M’s or Smarties.

7, Take a yellow M&M or Smartie and place on its side under/between eyes to make the beak. So it should look long and thin not round like the pupils. You may have to push it in really hard to get it to stay there. As I was taking the pictures the beaks kept sliding off!

8, Repeat steps 5 to 7 until all the cupcakes have eyes and a beak.

Having A Hoot with the Party Owls


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